MMJ Legal For Children In New Jersey

By on August 19, 2013

New Jersey’s governor Chris Christie has signed a bill legalizing the edible form of medical marijuana for children into law!


This is particularly good news for children suffering Dravet syndrome, as medical marijuana is known to cure this heavy form of epilepsy. Cannabis with a high amount of CBD seems to work better for these children than any other known medicine, but is almost impossible to obtain.

Governor Chris Christie:

“I believe that parents, and not government regulators, are best suited to decide how to care for their children. While many will disagree with the decision to allow minors access to marijuana, even for serious illnesses, parents should remain empowered to make a choice based on their own reflections, study, and physician consultation.”

New Jersey is one of the twenty states where medical marijuana is legal. Only a few of them have legalized medical marijuana also for children. Nevertheless medical marijuana remains to be federally illegal.

In New Jersey, only one dispensary has opened its doors yet. As the maximum number of strains it is currently allowed to grow is as low as 3, a strain with a high level of CBD is probably not among them.

The amount of legal dispensaries is particularly low because of all the risks involved. The feds are known to seize them sometimes. At such a moment, patients suddenly lose the ability to take their medication. And dispensaries? They will have to start all over again.

Photo credit: Goodnight London / Foter / CC BY

  • Danny

    Great!!! I know that I would not like to see my little one suffer and I would do anything to insure that she doesn’t!!!

  • Ajay S Narayan

    Supporters of the program would like to see the restrictions erased including
    allowing more organizations to open centers and ending the public listing of

  • bb

    Ok..if only there will be more control to abuse it however good for medical purpose.