US Hemp Grows Again In 2013!

By on October 11, 2013

US Hemp Grows Again In 2013!

Colorado farmer Ryan Loflin made history last weekend by harvesting the nation’s first commercial hemp crop in 56 years.

The sale of hemp products in the U.S. reached an estimated $500 million last year, (source: Hemp Industries Association). But the hemp used for the products was imported because federal law prohibits its cultivation in the U.S. under the Controlled Substances Act of 1970. According to the Denver Post; the last known commercial crop was harvested in Wisconsin in 1957.

Historic: Colorado’s Amendment 64 allows for legal cultivation of hemp. However, Ryan Loflin chose to plant his crop earlier this year before implementation of the state’s hemp-growing regulations, which are scheduled to take effect next year.

Mr. Loflin said some of his hemp seed will be pressed for oil and purchased by Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps, a major user of hemp oil. Hemp seed can be pressed into hemp oil, from which, hemp soap can be made. Then hemp oil can be added to the soap as to moisturize the skin when washing. Just one of the amazing aspects of hemp and its derivatives.

Mr. Ryan Loflin can be commended for his courage to plant and harvest hemp this early, ahead of the law taking effect on Jan 1st 2014. He is a true American patriot who will be mentioned with honors, in the annals of US agricultural history.

We hope his example will be followed by other farmers in Colorado and Washington states, as soon as possible. Hemp is a crop with over 25,000 uses, to mention them all here would exceed this column. Some examples are found on these websites linked with such as; etc. etc.

Canada has been growing hemp legally nationwide since 1998, just to put things into perspective. It is about time that the US law regarding industrial hemp gets changed on the federal level. Apparently, according to the August 29th memo from Eric Holder and the US Justice Department; “go ahead, until we say differently.”

This is a surprising and most welcome change at the US justice department! Thank you Mr. Eric Holder! We thought you were going to say; “Go ahead, make my day” or “As long as you leave us kids, alone” or “We fast and furious!”

Now the entire country is waiting for hemp to be untangled from cannabis/marijuana at the federal level. Hemp is an agricultural crop, cannabis/marijuana is a medicinal, or if you will, can also be used as a recreational herb. You can go to Canada and see the difference. Go visit some hemp fields at our friendly neigbors up north? How about that Mr. Eric Holder? Pretty please?


  • Ban-joe

    It’s time America! Put American know how into it & it could cure a lot of our problems, fuel, fiber, food, safe housing, &on& on. Imagine protein rich chicken Nuggets for the kids! Healthy, & taste like chicken!
    I want to build cities with hempcrete, and dykes to hold the water IN the rivers, Tornados, fire, floods, there is a Lot of Re-Building to do Now!!
    Imagine tornado resistant homes with Safe Shelters built in.
    Ford had discovered so much years Ago. He built a whole car from the ground, that ran on hemp diesel. His 1st cars ran on hemp gasoline. What happened? Who was responsible for hiding these treasures from America?
    We can rebuild “from the earth” with plant materials. Disneyland House of the Future withstood a wrecking ball during demolition & has to be cut to pieces with sawzall blades. How would that work during a tornado? Build schools that way!!!
    All grown from the earth.
    We can ship barges of hempcrete here from New Zealand, UK, or Canada. Canada cost the most because of Gov’t regulation.
    Pull the Law holding us back. Lets get going! We got a lot of good life ahead if we make it happen!