It’s Over! World-Wide!

By on October 24, 2013

Support up 10 percentage points in 2013, to 58%

Support up 10 percentage points in 2013, to 58%

Latest Gallup poll: Americans Favor Legalizing Marijuana. The above image looks like our picture in an earlier Gallup poll, where we doctored the graph and dashed the trend into the future! We are almost at 70% for and 30% against, now, at the end of 2013!

If the approval rate can jump 10 percentage points in one year, why can’t it do this again, or more, in 2014? Another year puts us just before the US mid-term elections with plenty of legalization initiatives (AK, AZ, OR, CA) and Medicinal Marijuana ballots.

What happened and why this acceleration? Cannabis and Marijuana de-mystified,  finally with the advent of the internet?! US can no longer tell the world to go fight Mary Jane. It’s over! Case closed! Democracy at work! Long live the free flow of information and the progress of science.

What now? What’s next? We could hold a national referendum and make it legal all over the country right now! Another White-House petition that ends up getting dismissed? Wait another couple of election cycles 2016, 2020? Now that would be still years away! Why do we have to wait this long? Thank God I live in a MM state. That’s a good start. But if it is medical why should we not make it legal to people if it makes them feel better, too?

For example the fact that cannabis/marijuana is not toxic is finally getting through to the masses via our media. Dr. Sanjay Gupta, after an already long and successful medical and media career, finally decided to wise up on weed. The result was summarized in an hour-long CNN program where the good doctor apologized and said in an about-face; “I was wrong!” Sanjay went even further than that, and questioned the current US federal drug policies, the pseudo-science and rule-making at the DEA regarding marijuana.

Cannabis/marijuana should be de- or re- classfied immediately based on what we know today! Even though we have not even scratched the surface on cannabis, scientifically speaking. We already know a lot and what we know now thus far, justifies, or in the name of scientific honesty, makes this mandatory!

The fact that cannabis/marijuana is non-toxic, is a good example! More scientific studies and anecdotal evidence both here and abroad, continue to pile-on the already well established medical and medicinal benefits of cannabis/marijuana: Cancer fighting abilities, able to stop seizures, in even very small children, saving their life in the process.

Why can’t we use it to socialize or hang-out? Or relax after a hectic and stressful day? Why not? Why? What would be the rationale for keeping us from cannabis/marijuana after we already declared it medicine?