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By on October 25, 2013

The Miracle of Charlotte! click on picture for video!

Sanjay Gupta MD with the 6 Stanley Brothers! click on picture for video!

Josh Stanley will sift through the propaganda, fear and greed regarding medicinal cannabis/marijuana. Recently featured on CNN, Josh and his 5 brothers developed a non-psychotropic strain of marijuana which is drastically reducing seizures for many pediatric epilepsy patients in Colorado. With millions facing life-threatening illnesses, here and abroad, Josh outlines the hurdles needed to effect social change and maps a path toward helping those who desperately need revolutionary medicine that helps save their lives!

Breaking News:
FDA Approves Investigational Trials Assessing Cannabidiol For Pediatric Epilepsy

Thursday, 24 October 2013

FDA Approves Investigational Trials Assessing Cannabidiol For Pediatric EpilepsyWashington,  DC: The US Food and Drug  Administration has approved two clinical trials to assess the efficacy of  cannabidiol (CBD), a nonpsychoactive plant cannabinoid, in the treatment of  intractable pediatric epilepsy. The two  approved trials will take place at New York Medical School and at the  University of California at San Francisco, according to an online report in the  journal O’Shaughnessy’s. The cannabidiol  formulations in the trials will be provided by British biotechnology firm GW  Pharmaceuticals, which produces organic cannabinoid extract medicines,  including Sativex.Cannabidiol has been documented to  possess a variety of therapeutic properties in preclinical models, including  anti-epileptic activity. Clinical trials  have shown the oral administration of CBD to be “safe and well tolerated” in  healthy subjects.

In recent months, several national  broadcasts have highlighted the use of CBD-rich oils to treat seizures  associated with a pediatric form of intractable epilepsy known as Dravet Syndrome.

For  more information, please visit O’Shaughnessy’s online here: