Legal Marijuana In USA!

By on January 2, 2014

coHappy New Year! DENVER CO USA Nation’s first recreational pot industry opened in Colorado on Wednesday, kicking off “bringing marijuana out from the shadows” this, will be watched closely, around the world.

Already, it is attracting people from across the country. One fellow has driven 20 hours straight from Ohio, saying: “I am never going back, I am a Colorado resident now.” Other out-of-staters have camped out since 1 AM to be 1st in-line and make history!

A black limousine with tinted windows, idling outside of one of Denver dispensaries, showed yet another side of this new legal market; the well-to-do trying to purchase ‘their daily stash’ of herb, but not ready to be seen publicly buying it. (cowards…  ha, ha)

Addison Morris, of Rocky Mountain Mile High Tours, had 10 clients waiting in a limo to help them choose strains and edible pot products. And, believe me, these well-to-do people wanted to get higher than an airplane!

There will not be enough!

Not everyone in CO is sharing the enthusiasm:

Marijuana patients groups say they’re worried, they think  prices will spike and patients will be left paying more if they’re not able to grow their own.

“We hope that the focus on recreational doesn’t take the focus away from patients who really need this medicine,” she said.

For now, medical patients have plenty of places to shop. Most of Colorado’s 500 or so medical marijuana shops haven’t applied to sell recreational pot yet!

But recreational demand is huge, already leading to price-increases after this 1st opening day! Stock up now, brace yourself, or grow your own, these are the solutions for now.

  • Alabama

    Are we killing our kids with cannabis legalization, or is Seattle Children’s Hospital behind the times with their technology and policies?

  • john don

    Well, Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos dominated Tom Brady and the
    New England Patriots in the AFC Championship Game, so there goes my
    “vision” of a Patriots/Niners Superbowl. Oh well… I never said I was The
    Amazing Kreskin….

  • Ajay S Narayan

    A number of states have decriminalized the substance to varying degrees, other states have created exemptions specifically for medical cannabis, and several have both decriminalization and medical laws.

  • aaronross

    the high price’s can cause crimes of theft and prostitution. But it is one step closer to the war of drugs